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Middlesex County Museum

Middlesex County’s First From-Here

February 28, 2022

February 24, 1650 was a prestigious day in Middlesex history for it was the birth of the first
from-here. Little Richard Parrott, Jr. let out his first cry on the banks of Parrott Creek just off of
the juncture with the Rappahannock River near the northern end of our county lines.
His father, Richard Perrott Sr. born 10 Feb 1621 in Potton, Bedfordshire England arrived in York
Co. Va. in 1647. The name is found spelled Perrott, Parat, Parrett, and Perrott. He was a land
surveyor and worked in 1648-1657 for Captain W. Brocas Esq. to survey property in the
expanding York County.