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Karen Minter to Spearhead Educational Programs at Maritime Park

2018 field trip Karen minter greets students in Museum

By Bill Powell

The Deltaville Maritime Museum and Holly Point Nature Park is pleased to announce that local, retired educator Karen Minter will oversee its educational programs with special attention to programs for younger students.

Karen worked for the Prince George’s County schools for 32 years. Under the guidance of Dr. Howard Gardner, she was also involved with the Atlas Program through Harvard and Brown Universities. During this time she was one of the original eight pre-kindergarten teachers in the county. She worked in a public school that had children from 46 different countries speaking 26 different languages.

Karen and the Deltaville Maritime Museum staff will be holding field trips Tuesday through Thursday in support of local schools and pre-kindergarten students. Field trip activities will be designed around the story, “The Mouse and The Apple,” which deals with patience, farm animals and apples as the theme for a variety of early education skills.

“I believe in creating a learning situation that makes children smile while learning,” Karen said. “Offering multiple types of activities using auditory, visual, and kinesthetic opportunities incorporates the use of music, math, movement, linguistics, independent or cooperative activities gives success to every child.”

As to her specific future plans at the Deltaville Maritime Museum, Karen said, “I am working on a several new programs, sea turtle/land turtle, seahorse, crab/horseshoe crab, and a pre-kindergarten/Ppe-school program for the beginning of the school year. I am trying to create some handouts for the museum, a book about what you see in the museum, word searches, and scavenger hunts.”

Karen and her team of volunteers will be organizing the activities for kids for the Deltaville Maritime Park’s 15th Annual Art and Seafood Festival coming, hosted this year on Oct. 20, 2018. Games and fun learning activities will take place at the park’s Pavilion courtyard around the Turner Fountain.

“Karen not only knows education backwards and forwards, but watching her work with the kids is a joy. She obviously loves what she does. The original programs she has put together are both innovative and involving,” Deltaville Maritime Museum leadership said.

The Deltaville Maritime Museum’s educational activities are sponsored by the Turner Education Fund. Donors can further support the fund or get involved with Karen and any of the Museum’s educational programs. Contact the Museum during open office hours.

Deltaville Maritime Museum and Holly Point Nature Park is a volunteer, donor supported non-profit organization located in Deltaville, VA. at 287 Jackson Creek Road, and by water on Mill Creek.