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Rivers & Roads: A Self-Guided Tour of Middlesex County

A foreword from Larry Chowning

Middlesex County Heritage Tour Guide, Rivers and Roads was compiled in 1996 by the county’s Heritage Tour Guide committee chaired by the late Pat Royal Perkinson.

This historical driving tour is designed to take you back in history to when Middlesex County was a part of the English colonization of America, through conflicts of an American Revolution, a Civil War fought over slavery, and of famous folk who came to live in the county.

Middlesex County was founded in 1668 and with each century that passed citizens of the county traveled the historical pathway to their own American experience. Their homes, barns, smokehouses, old stores, dairies, slave quarters, etc. are all relics of the past that speak to the counties broad and extensive history.

The compilation of these historical homes and buildings and maps in Rivers and Roads is an effort to bring history alive in a fun journey, to make history more accessible, and to broaden historical awareness in an organized and deliberate way.

We hope you enjoy the tour and traveling in the historical footprints of American Indians, English colonies, African slaves, Union and Confederate soldiers, and Americans from each generation since our nation was founded.


Rivers & Roads Publication


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